DeansTalent-ED Channel

Deans Talent-Ed Channel is a music and talent academy under Deans Production.

Our tutors are experts in the field and are highly qualified teachers possessing advanced teaching skills, experiences and kind hearts to cultivate and nurture the next generation.

We advocate learning through the liaison of performing in live situations along with the sharing of our own out-of-book performance experiences with students.

Our students will not only have fun and knowledge through our teaching programs, they will also have chance to perform with our team in various events. An example, our brilliant students will be arranged to join NGO functions so that they can learn more about our society through performance. We treat musical training might as well the ethical teaching. All our students can get would complement the traditional school teaching.

Our mission is ‘MusiCommunication for a better place’.

We are the channel to Talent Education – We are Deans Talent-Ed Channel.

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